About Farm Meets Table

Why Are We Here?

“I really hope another big multinational company sets up a website to lecture me about science and producing food. Can you get on that?” read not one single e-mail to us.

Yet, here we are, launching a website designed to speak to you, the consumer, to tell you about all the cool stuff we do.

Except, we’re not. That’s not why we are here.

We’re here first and foremost because we took some time to listen. We asked people like you what thoughts and feelings you had about agriculture and how food was produced. We heard real concerns, real passion, and an overarching desire to do the right thing when it comes to buying food.

We learned a lot from you; and if you’re curious to see some of it, check out this article with more details.

The thing that really struck us, though, was that people aren’t skeptical of GMOs because they don’t understand the science, or that the idea of bigger farms makes them a little uneasy because they think it is unsafe. Above all, people are unsure of who to trust in this vast sea of information coming at them from all sides. For the most part, people are pretty ok with new technologies and especially the benefits, but they care deeply about the motivations behind those technologies and who benefits from them.

They’re looking to connect the dots between where food begins and where it ends up. They want to know how choices in the field affect choices at the checkout line. They’re looking to understand the point where farm meets table.

And that’s why we’re here. We’re here because we want to have a conversation with you about how food gets to your table, from the perspective of all the different people that make it possible. We care deeply about helping people live healthy lifestyles and we think helping farmers produce abundant, healthy crops is an important way to do that.

Here's what you can expect from us:

  • Transparency
  • Diverse perspectives on topics from actual people who do this stuff
  • Heavy doses of humor and humility
  • Thought provoking topics (we hope)
  • Open acknowledgement that we may not have all the answers and that well-intentioned people can see the same issue with different perspectives

Here's what we're going to try to avoid:

  • A lot of deep dives into data — there are already a lot of smart sources for this stuff out there, and we’ll try to point you to it to explore more if you’re interested.
  • Telling you one thing is better than another
  • General judgey-ness that makes you feel guilty about your food choices
  • Hiding from any topics you care about
We hope you’ll give us a follow, come back and visit from time to time, or even give us a piece of your mind. We enjoyed that whole listening thing and want to keep doing it.