Helping Farms Thrive

The Plant Defenders

Life as a plant is no walk in the park. It’s more like a marathon ... in the rain ... and then the blazing sun ... with bugs chewing on you. Before it reaches our tables, the food we eat has to survive constant attacks from diseases, pests, and weeds. Without crop protection tools, a lot of food would never make it — maybe as much as half of all crops.

That means less food, fewer choices, and more expensive supermarket trips for your family (and millions of others).

Why Crop Protection?

People want food — preferably affordable, without bugs or rot, and, if at all possible, personally prepared and delivered by a celebrity chef (well, we’ll settle for budget-friendly, tasty, and bug-free). Farmers, of course, want to raise the best crops to provide that food. That’s why they need crop protection products from companies like Bayer.

Crops with and without crop protection 1:35 min
A healthy banana root and a banana root damaged by nematodes. Experts estimate 12% of crops worldwide are lost to nematode infestation, adding up to $100 billion in damage.

Crop protection is basically medicine for plants. It can prevent disease, treat ailments, or simply provide for a healthier foundation for life. Like a mom or dad looking after their kid, farmers use a variety of products depending on the problem.

The Battleground in Your Backyard

Insects and weeds are a problem as old as farming itself.

Have you ever tried to grow a vegetable garden? It’s an adventure. Picture this:

As you serve your trophy-worthy panzanella salad at the Labor Day neighborhood cookout, you take a moment to think about all it took to get that salad from your yard to the serving bowl.
Are pesticides safe?
Research has found that pesticide residue levels on foods in grocery stores are so minimal that they’re perfectly safe to eat. For example, in the United States a child could safely eat up to 181 servings of strawberries in one day without exceeding the safe “no effect level” specified by federal regulators.

The Big Picture

The bad news is that pests like weeds and bugs are here to stay, and farmers have to deal with them so they can protect their own family’s livelihoods and everyone’s ability to eat. The good news is that even if your garden failed, you still have your local grocery store or farmers market to keep your fridge full. The better news is that there are people out there dedicated to making this job of protecting crops better, easier, and safer, so it’s one less thing for you and farmers to worry about.
Why do we need to control weeds? 2:02 min
So, yeah, you could say crop protection is kind of a big deal:
  • It helps the farmers in your community stay in business, growing more crops more efficiently.
  • It helps you and your family by keeping food affordable and generally worm-free.
  • It allows farmers to produce more food using less land, which helps protect the environment and preserve natural resources.

That’s what we call a win-win-win.
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