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Dig In: Ending Malaria, Designer Microbes and More

We here at Farm Meets Table have made a solemn promise to you, our readers: In each edition of Dig In, the news is good, and the goods are weird and interesting agriculture stories. Ready to see the latest assortment of treasures we’ve — ahem — dug up?

Sustainable Farming, ‘Key’ to World Free of Hunger, Malnutrition, Says UN Agriculture Chief — UN News

Sustainable farming can lead to sustainable income for smallholder farmers.
Populations keep growing and yet somehow, Earth stays the same size. How do we feed not just today’s population, but the people of the future? The UN says sustainable farming is the key. Bonus: It’s also great for providing livelihoods for smallholder farmers in developing nations.

Bill Gates: GMOs Can Help Farmers Adapt to Climate Change — Axios

When you’re deciding a question of science, it’s pretty exciting to have the King of Nerds weigh in.

Here's the Plan to End Malaria with CRISPR-Edited Mosquitoes — Wired

To any mosquito fans out there: Firstly, what? Secondly, sorry. Two biologists have worked out a way to use CRISPR to edit mosquitoes’ genes and wipe out test populations in as few as seven generations. While more tests are ahead, in the future this could be a way that we reduce the massive loss of life caused by malaria.
Buzz, buzz, BYE.

Do Healthy Diets Protect the Planet? As the U.N. Meets, a Focus on Sustainability — NPR

Individual habits of everyone who eats (so, everyone) are just as important to food sustainability as the practices on farms. If we all get together and commit to figuring out ways to avoid throwing out leftovers, we’ll conserve a lot of resources and probably be able to collaborate on a super weird cookbook.
I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

Inside Silicon Valley’s Newest, Most Autonomous Farm Yet

We love that this farm is run entirely by robots, but we wish the robots would stop asking us to make sure that our produce has one capital letter, one lowercase letter, one number and one special character. Still — anything that gives us more options for local, affordable produce is a big win.

Farmers Can Now Buy Designer Microbes to Replace Fertilizer — Wired

Designer microbes ... so hot right now.
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