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Dig In: A GMO Convert, Plan Bee, and More

Welcome to another edition of Dig In, our regular collection of all the weirdest and wildest links we can find in the world of food and farming. This time, we’re introducing you to some lesser-known species of bees, an anti-GMO activist who became a pro-GMO convert, and of course, several ill-advised puns.

How a Farmer ‘Think Tank’ is Shaping Agricultural Sustainability, Far Beyond the Field — Environmental Defense Fund

When it comes down to it, farmers and environmental advocates have the same goals. After all, farming that isn’t sustainable isn’t a good long-term investment. This article checks in on how a major collaboration between the Environmental Defense Fund and farmers is making real progress.
Imagine how much MORE psyched this lady would be if those carrots had a nutrition label tailored to her preferences.

This App Makes You a Personalized Nutrition Label for Any Food — Fast Company

We never realized how much we needed a GIF of vegetables on a playground seesaw until we got one. Oh, also, it’s really cool to see how technology can make it easier for folks with dietary restrictions to get the most vital info out of their food labels.

Greenpeace Says Supermarkets Have Improved Seafood Sustainability — Consumer Affairs

The next time someone tells you they’re on the “see food” diet, you can 1) wonder why they’re still telling a joke from the ‘90s and 2) feel relieved that actual seafood is becoming more sustainable at most supermarkets.
Drones: Weird-looking sky spiders that may change farming forever.

Opinion: Drone Technology Holds Great Promise across Africa. It Just Needs the Right Regulations. — Devex

Drones have a lot of potential when you consider that they’re basically small, flying, weird-looking robots. They offer opportunities to make farming more sustainable, efficient, and profitable, at a time when our global food supply can really use the help.

Turnaround on GMOs — The Science Show

In this podcast interview, Mark Lynas, a former anti-GMO activist, talks about why he changed his mind about GMOs in 2013, and about how he now works with scientists and farmers to advance crop science. No quips here: It’s pretty amazing to watch someone reevaluate their beliefs and take action.

There are Many 'Ifs,' But the Discovery of Corn that Fertilizes Itself Could Transform Agriculture — Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

This could be a tremendous agricultural advancement, and the story behind it is fascinating, so we’re not going to diminish it with an easy joke about “self-fertilization.” Definitely not.

Plan Bee: The Rise of Alternative Pollinators — The New York Times

To quote an award-winning actor: “Not the bees!” Well, not the bumblebees we usually think of. This article introduces us to some other pretty cute species of bee.

Just put on some smooth jazz and the corn will take care of the rest.
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