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Dig In: Yummy Bugs, a Giant Artichoke and More

Today’s edition of Dig In is investigating life’s great mysteries, like, “Should I be eating bugs?” and “Is it just my imagination, or did Red Delicious apples used to taste different?”
Let’s get some answers.

A scientist explains why you should be eating insects to help fight global hunger — Quartz

Have you had them? Will you try them? If you’ve got a great recipe for roasted crickets, we’re all ears.

Why Farming Is an Act of Defiance For People of Color — Bon Appetit

This excerpt from Leah Penniman’s new book, Farming While Black, is riveting. “Something profound and magical happened to me as I learned to plant, tend, and harvest … Shoulder-to-shoulder with my peers of all hues, feet planted firmly in the earth, stewarding life-giving crops for Black community—I was home.”

Snack time?
African female farmer
To tap the potential of Africa’s arable land, we need the right role models.

Young entrepreneurs lend glamour to African agriculture — Reuters

Here’s an incredible fact: “Africa has the world’s youngest population and 65 percent of its uncultivated arable land.” And in farming, as in every career, role models are everything. So it’s cool to see young entrepreneurs inspiring a new generation of farmers across Africa.

A Food Scientist Explains How the Red Delicious Apple Lost Its Deliciousness — Quartz

Apple preferences are deeply personal, so we don’t want to pass on a definitive judgment, but this is an interesting look at how produce can evolve over time. In this case, people are biologically hard wired to go for the apple at the grocery store that’s the darkest shade of red. That means over time, some of our apples have been bred for color, not taste.

7 out of 10 Consumers Don't Know What GMOs Are, Survey Says — Food Dive

We are shocked — shocked! — to learn that 7 out of 10 consumers aren’t loyal Farm Meets Table readers. If you know someone who is hazy on the definition, may we recommend “Are GMOs Safe?

The World's Largest Artichoke and Other Giant Food — National Geographic

Food is the best. Road trips are a close second. Road trips involving larger than life sized food….? Don’t mind us, we’re over here getting emotional about the symbolic meaning of a giant can of beef.
These are just regular-sized. Sorry.
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